Yes, everyone is welcome to shoot with us. We are open to the public three days out of the week. (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Children can shoot with no age limit as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We reserve the right to judge the situation based on each case.

Yes, all we need from you is a valid, unexpired photo ID such as a drivers’ license, military ID, or passport. We’ll also ask you to sign a safety waiver once you check in.

Any pistol caliber is allowed. You can also shoot a 22 pistol rifle. No home defense shotguns or shotshells can be used in the pistol range. Exceptions are made by club manager for law enforcement.

Shooters must wear appropriate apparel for safety reasons. No open toed sandals, sleeveless shirts or otherwise inappropriate apparel is allowed.

Yes, full members have the privilege of calling and making a reservation for skeet and trap fields. You must make reservation with club manager during regular club hours.

Yes, ear and eye protection must be worn at all times while inside the shooting bay. This includes all spectators both at the range or watching any sporting clays events.

Yes! We are always willing to assist with proper use of a firearm.  We can also refer you to specialized coaches that use our facility for anyone looking for personal instruction.

Yes. It is preferred that you bring your firearms cased, bagged or holstered. All firearms not in cases, bags or holsters must be cleared with the bolt, slide or cylinder open so staff can inspect them.

Yes, reloads are allowed.

No, fully automatic guns are not permitted.

Yes, you may shoot handguns one-handed provided you do so safely and in accordance with our range rules

No, Exceptions can be made by RSO on a case by case basis.

Yes, we welcome instructors to use our lanes, with management approval.

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